Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Like Facebook

  1. I stay connected to friends near and far through their status updates, posts, comments and “likes.” It’s almost like a quick conversation as we bump into each other in the neighborhood.
  2. I get to know what my friends are thinking and doing through their posts, comments and “likes.” It’s an online equivalent to the holiday letter’s updates.
  3. Photo albums allow me to see milestone events in my friends’ lives and to catch up on their families and our mutual friends.
  4. I meet new friends online whom I otherwise wouldn’t meet, typically through mutual friends and occasionally through mutual causes.
  5. I frequently engage in real conversations about specific topics through comment threads. Sometimes it’s current events, and other times, it’s philosophical dialogues.
  6. I get turned on to things I wouldn’t otherwise know out about, like articles, causes, books, music and videos. It’s educational, informative and always stimulating.
  7. Causes I care about get promoted on Facebook, and I can sign petitions.
  8. I can express my love, care and concern for friends in their daily lives and in times of trouble and grief. We often exchange prayer requests and commiserate or celebrate as an online community.
  9. I can give compliments and express thanks often, and that makes me and my friends feel good.
  10. I get to say Happy Birthday to my friends. Sometimes I even get to say Happy Anniversary or Congratulations on new jobs, the birth of a baby and graduations.


PseudoPiskie said...

Facebook is by far the most productive waste of time in my life. You nailed it. Thanks.

But I wonder if we now have too many friends. Too many people to care for which forces us into a sort of superficiality. Does Facebook keep us from face time with the "real" people in our lives?

Heather said...

I think PseudoPiskie said it best. I have spent less and less time on facebook lately since I launched by blog...but still the same affect. I write something meaningful into the abyss of what is called the internet.

However I really can't afford to make a trip down to P town every other weekend to see all these friends I have on facebook, so facebook is great in that arena.

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Heather, thanks for reading my blog. I just checked out your blog, and it's very attractively done. Your son is very cute! ~~Lelanda