Friday, February 24, 2017

In Orange Country

In Orange Country
I am free
to read what I like
to ignore my dislikes
I am a truth-seeker

In Orange Country
if it is published
shouted from a podium
broadcast live
or cast as a meme
with graphics and rhymes
then surely it is truth
The pundits are gods

In Orange Country
I am too weary
to resist
the distraction
of entertainment as news
I feel right
and wronged
sitting on my couch
I feel justified

In Orange Country
my parents rejoiced
when I was born
never guessing
my destiny
as consumer
I borrowed
to buy
I am blessed

In Orange Country
All things
were invented for me
Convenience is a boon

In Orange Country
My heart’s desires
have atrophied
Choice is a habit
I have failed

In Orange Country
I must rise
to the remembrance
of the person
I was meant to be
discard the binding
of social conformity
recover the promises
of Creation
hear the whisper of worms
the judgment of the future
I can become again
Failure is a habit
to be defeated
I believe
I am not alone
I am not alone
I am not alone

Lelanda Lee 2-24-17

Inquiry: How does a heart freeze?

Inquiry: How does a heart freeze?
Fact: A bubble
surrounded by cold air
One moment fragile enough
to burst
at the exhalation
of my breath
thoughts into words
to dissipate into nothingness
hiding in the atmosphere
rejoining the air around it
around me
Declaration: I am here
I affirm
It is the cold that makes it so
frozen into solidity
now fragile in a different form
which I can see
regret as it breaks
into recognizable pieces
that just lay there
until the sun warms
the pieces
transforming them into
bit by bit 
Conclusion: After all
the end is the same
nothing lost
or gained
For a fleeting moment
I observe
There is too much nature
to grasp
too much equilibrium
to own
Will I solidify
frozen into opacity
in icy solitude
will Love
feed me
transform me
into water
a suitable meal for worms
Will I fly off
into ethereal spirit
from this brief
called Life
Exegetical Query: For whom will it matter?
Lelanda Lee 2-23-17