Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Procrastination, Resistance and Iconoclasm

Procrastination is similar to, but not the same as, being slow intentionally. When I’m deliberately slow, I’m usually trying to figure things out that aren’t easily or superficially apparent. Money, time and hard work don’t deter me. I spend my own money, stay up all night and work even when it hurts physically if something warrants the effort.
When I procrastinate, it often indicates that I don’t want to do the task before me. Procrastination is typically over something that is logical to everyone but me. I find it hard to do something when I don’t see the need. It must be a Lee family attribute, because I see it in other family members.
Another name for this phenomenon is resistance. I instinctively resist going along to get along. Being neutral is overrated. Change happens only when things are approached differently. The weight of the status quo is disproportionate to its appropriateness.
Iconoclasm is an attribute inculcated in my brothers and me by our late father. He always encouraged us to question authority and loved playing Devil’s Advocate. Remaining neutral about anything wasn’t allowed, including which flavor ice cream to buy. Dad helped us become thinkers. Choices have consequences, and we are accountable for our choices and actions.
I have learned to clothe myself in social courtesies that facilitate relationships. Those lessons were achieved through intentional observation of others. I’ll break through my procrastination by thinking, apologizing profusely along the way. Chances are, I won’t be standing on the sidelines.

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