Friday, February 24, 2017

In Orange Country

In Orange Country
I am free
to read what I like
to ignore my dislikes
I am a truth-seeker

In Orange Country
if it is published
shouted from a podium
broadcast live
or cast as a meme
with graphics and rhymes
then surely it is truth
The pundits are gods

In Orange Country
I am too weary
to resist
the distraction
of entertainment as news
I feel right
and wronged
sitting on my couch
I feel justified

In Orange Country
my parents rejoiced
when I was born
never guessing
my destiny
as consumer
I borrowed
to buy
I am blessed

In Orange Country
All things
were invented for me
Convenience is a boon

In Orange Country
My heart’s desires
have atrophied
Choice is a habit
I have failed

In Orange Country
I must rise
to the remembrance
of the person
I was meant to be
discard the binding
of social conformity
recover the promises
of Creation
hear the whisper of worms
the judgment of the future
I can become again
Failure is a habit
to be defeated
I believe
I am not alone
I am not alone
I am not alone

Lelanda Lee 2-24-17

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