Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let Love Triumph Over All

Life is hard
We are called to lighten one another’s load
not add to it

Life is hard
Why do some feel the need to dump on others
in order to make themselves feel bigger
and more important
when what they are doing
is making others feel smaller
and less important

I have witnessed the unkindness
and it grieves my heart
to breaking

I have experienced the unkindness
and a part of me dies each time

Words of kindness
and affirmation
are easy, my friends

Words of lovingkindness
and support
are life-giving

When we commend life
to one another
we are co-creators
of life unending

When we speak words that build up
we raise the heads of all
to turn their faces to the sun
to plant flowers for their sheer beauty
to wrap our arms around the little ones
and hold them safe in Love’s embrace

Love’s embrace is
worth losing all of Ego’s selfishness
and walking in equality,
justice and peace
for all,
for all,
for every one of us

Amen. Let it be so.

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