Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pray for a Season of Healing

Herb and I arrived in Brussels on Thursday morning, leaving Boulder early Wednesday when the Fourmile Canyon fire was still burning. There was smoke in the air, although it was too dark to see the airborne ash flakes. It’s tough to leave on vacation when your neighbors are in extremis over loss of homes, livelihoods and life as it’s been. We’ve anxiously followed the news and learned almost 200 homes have burned. The fire is not yet contained.

We’ve also followed the story of the Gainesville “pastor” and his hate-filled “Burn the Quran on September 11th” plan. General Petraeus, Secretary Clinton, President Obama and the Archbishop of Canterbury have all weighed in. We gladly read that the idiot has recanted and now strongly admonishes others not to replicate his canceled plan. I have no doubt that powerful people communicated with him unequivocally. I am saddened the damage has already been done.

The news that twelve American soldiers face charges of being a “kill team” in Afghanistan that murdered civilians and collected body parts as souvenirs adds to this season of sadness. These soldiers are teenagers and 20-somethings. War is hell on earth and evil incarnate, corrupting all participants and begetting more evil. I am ashamed for these soldiers and sorry for their victims and the families of victims and guilty soldiers alike.

So, you’ll understand if I’m not chirping about my vacation just yet. Lord, have mercy on us all. Pray for a season of healing. We need it.

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