Friday, September 3, 2010

My Top Ten Pet Peeves

Recent Facebook and Twitter posts cite things that annoy people.  Here’s my top ten list, not rank-ordered.
  1. Lying to me like I won’t catch on. I might be polite and not call you on it. I will definitely think less of you.
  2. Talking down to me like I’m stupid and uninformed. I already know you have privilege and you’re arrogant. Don’t rub it in my face.
  3. Not wiping off sticky containers before putting them away. I don’t like handling sticky containers or cleaning up after you.
  4. Eating and drinking straight out of serving containers and then putting them back. You’re being selfish, and you’re lazy. It’s unsanitary, and it grosses people out.
  5. Backtracking whether it’s driving or in group decision-making. That’s why I have triceps tats of forward-pointing red arrows. Always go forward; never go back. Refresh anything you revisit.
  6. Belittling someone in public. You’re a jerk, and I will call you on it if I can do so safely and without harming the object of your scorn.
  7. Manipulating me to do something. Just ask me directly. I like saying Yes. I also have exquisitely honed resistance responses.
  8. Hurrying me up when I’m not through . . . eating, talking, watching, reading, etc. I’d wait for you. Please wait for me. Exercise patience.
  9. Talking during the film in theaters. I will shush you firmly.
  10. Rudeness and bad manners. Life can sometimes be tough. A little courtesy goes a long way.

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