Saturday, July 31, 2010

As Your Servant Leader

I've finally landed on Yes, I'm going to stand for reelection for both Standing Committee in the Diocese of Colorado and for General Convention-2012 Deputy. The many conversations I've had with friends and advisors have been helpful in my discernment of whether or not to run. I am thankful for the time colleagues and wise persons have given to my thoughts and concerns. I have learned and thought more deeply, because you have talked to me and shared your outlooks.

I have decided to ask for the chance to continue to work on some things I've begun but have not finished. I've been led to see that some in our diocese and the wider church view my participation in the leadership ranks as a sign of connectedness and hope, and I want to continue to lift that up and honor it. But I also stand for reelection with some expectations which I will enunciate in my nomination forms and here.

If you're going to elect me to represent you and carry on the work of this diocese and church on your behalf, it is my expectation that you will pray for me regularly. Pray that I will have the strength to do the work in front of me diligently, finding the time and peaceful mind to do the reading, have the conversations and ask the questions that will lay out the issues, possible courses of action and potential ramifications clearly. Pray that I will view the needs of my family and community, when they call upon my attention and my time, as ministry opportunities and not as distractions. Pray that I will be respectful and kind to my body and observe sabbath with regularity and intention. Pray that I will seek out the perspectives and opinions of those who have a point of view different than mine and listen with open mind and heart. Pray that I will find joy in serving you, the church and the One who created and loves us.

I also expect those in this diocese and the wider church who are supporting my leadership to do a few things beyond praying for me. Please send me information and resources to read and reflect upon that can inform our work as church leaders. Challenge my thinking and confront what I say and do. As a leader, I should be able to answer you in plain English without defensiveness. As an individual, I need your help to prepare continually to do this work to which I am called.

The Rev. Heather Melton, the Clergy Representative from the Front Range Region, is my partner on the Standing Committee. We have already sent a letter to those in the Holy Orders process from our region to tell them that we want to support and connect them to the rest of the region through reports and prayer. We will be sending out a letter shortly to all 27 of the Front Range churches asking for opportunities to meet with them to talk about the region and the diocese in any venue or format that works for them, such as at Sunday morning forums, Vestry or annual parish meetings, and other congregational gatherings. There is a lot going on in our diocese, and the leadership cannot make its decisions in a vacuum.

I look forward to our partnership in our diocese and the wider church. E-mail me at I have a Facebook account in my name, Lelanda Lee, and you can Tweet me @LelandaLee.

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