Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The problem with talking

The problem with talking is
that my words bleed all over my ego
and make me cringe.

The advantage of aging is
that cringing is not enough
to make me stop talking.

Speaking the truth as I see it
means that I often speak alone
and speak without being heard.

Not being heard doesn’t make
what I have to say
any less valid.

Not being heard doesn’t make
me hesitate to speak again
the next time and the next time after that.

I love the courage that aging brings.
It heats up my veins
and gives me power surges.

I may not be quick and agile
but I am firm and persistent
and my eyes are wide open.

I am awake.
I am a participant.
I am present here and now.


Oaktree said...

Reads like a meditation and a meditation I find soothing and quieting for my mind.



Thanks for your comment. Those feelings are ever so true for us '60s and '70s activists, who are still active and relevant today, aren't they?