Thursday, September 1, 2011


I watch you dance
a prologue to love
& flights to the sun
and I want to know
what love is

regret & grief
are what I know
they burrow deep
it is the dark interstices
I’m familiar with
the in-betweens
where there is equivocation
one foot firmly out the door
heartache & pain
ordinary as the clothes
you choose to
put on each day

grief & longing
are not so far apart
both elongating
pulled by ones
who don’t look back
distanced, yet connected
we are stars of a new
yet to be named
yet to be fixed
in the firmament of heaven

It’s not the hard work
of relationship that kills
it is the disappointment
beat beat beating
the flattened place in our hearts
that has no room for charitable thoughts
the escape of hope
from brain cells eroded
by the beat beat beating
grim grief
leading to despair

If we could gather up the edges
pull them tight
stuff the light back in
I promise you
life will grow again
one breath into the next
one day after another
new light leading to new hope
fragile yet tenacious
a reverse gravity
pulling us
into the
firmament of heaven

[Written Sunday, August 21, 2011]

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