Monday, March 14, 2011

Defending the racist UCLA girl

Someone has to defend the dumb, racist UCLA girl whose video (and another link here at Angry Asian Man's Web site) is now floating all over the Internet. The original video has been removed from YouTube, but it's gone viral all over the Net on different sites. So many Asians are offended that they and others have reposted the video everywhere.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm offended, too. I posted the link to Angry Asian Man's Web site on my Facebook account to comment that I'm offended by this princess of White privilege.

This young woman, a political science major at UCLA has stupidly posted a rant about Asians and their "un-American" manners. She has complained about Asian family members visiting their UCLA students in their apartments and helping them do their laundry and cooking for them. She has complained about Asian students using their cell phones at the school library. She has used offensive "ching chong" language to caricature and mock Asian students on their cell phones. Like no one else uses their cell phones in the library.

What this girl has done is wrong, racist and really stupid.

But she doesn't deserve to be threatened online or in person. She doesn't deserve to be stalked. She doesn't deserve to have her name and contact information bandied about all over the Internet.

I'm not excusing her behavior. I have no doubt that she will bear many unforeseen consequences for her lapse of judgment that caused her to post this racist rant on YouTube.

But, let's get real and use some judgment.

This girl's rant is rather pathetic and appears to be the rant of an unthinking young person who has had a momentary lapse of judgment. She appears to be taking a break from studying and videoing herself just spouting off on what happens to be on her mind at the moment. Her video doesn't appear to have the premeditated hate messages that we so often hear from racists who intend to perpetrate violence and bigoted acts against Asians.

She is not a public figure like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. She did not scapegoat a specific person and post a video of a private event like a sex act of anyone.

She's just dumb and has made a whopping big mistake.

Haven't we all made stupid mistakes from momentary lapses of judgment when we were her age? The difference is that today, with the opportunities afforded by YouTube and Facebook, a young person can really step into a big hole and make a big splash on the Net that she can't easily recover from.

So, friends, let's be grownups about this and cut this girl some slack. Let's forgive her and let her go back to her student life. Let's not add to the fear that she will feel from being the focus of so much negative attention. Let's not be the ones to instigate violence against her. No one deserves that amount of hate for a youthful misjudgment.



The following is a story posted to the UCLA Daily Bruins:Blog site [] on March 14 about an hour ago:

A university spokesman called a viral YouTube video, titled “Asians in the Library,” “repugnant.”

The nearly 3-minute video shows a woman who claims to be a UCLA student making disparaging comments about Asian students.

The university has to yet to determine whether the woman in the video is a UCLA student, said university spokesman Phil Hampton. He added that the university is also looking into how the original video was posted.

“The comments on there are contrary to the values the university believes in,” Hampton said.

The original video was posted Sunday afternoon and has since been removed. Various copies have appeared on YouTube and other websites. Postings of the video say the speaker is a UCLA student named Alexandra Wallace. A number in the university directory listed under Alexandra Wallace was disconnected as of Sunday night.

PseudoPiskie said...

A sad example of what can happen when we fail to teach our young people to take responsibility for everything they do? No reason to take responsibility if there are no consequences that we perceive or if we can put the blame on someone else. This attitude is rampant in the US. The folks in WI and elsewhere are learning the hard way how their failure to vote or failure to examine what their politicians are saying will affect their and our lives for years to come. We have nobody to blame except those people? ;-)


The Angry Asian Man has updated his Web site to include an update that says he does NOT condone harassment or retribution towards the dumb, racist UCLA girl. I'm glad he finally got that up. His Web site is very influential.

Shel - More than likely, she's going to be suspended by her school administration for behavior unbecoming of a student, which is probably a violation of the school's honor code. She may have to withdraw just to ensure her own safety. And she will lose friends over this video. She will in any event be facing big consequences for this mistake. So, yeah, I even feel sorry for her.

tangfish said...

Best response to the UCLA girl on the net: