Sunday, December 26, 2010

Point: Counterpoint - Eddy Hong's Brave New World

Point: Counterpoint
Eddy Hong’s Brave New World
dedicated to Eddy Hong, my FB friend

Point: About you

Risk taker
snake wrestler
shadow boxer
truth telling confessor
of all things hard and personal
personal and hard
I admire your take no prisoners stance
on podcast and Facebook
You’re humble
just not too humble
scared but not too scared
muscling up now
for the long haul

I’m just sayin
Ya gotta start somewhere
‘n now is sometime
cyberspace da somewhere
way ov’r da rainbow
da crazy blinkin rainbow
da place for yous
cuz I’m too far down da road
tripping down da yeller brick
to be of use to yous anytime further

Counterpoint: About me

Man! It eff’in fucked ta wake up
‘n realize I’m old
It’s da hands that give me away
an old person’s hands
Da white hair adds drama
a sexy kinda dramatic flair
But da hands
fluttering und’r da sun so many decades
give me away
like I ain’t ne’er been given away before

Fear is learned
and experience burns
wrinkles into my heartsoul
No regrets, my friend
maybe a few hiccups
of hesitation at the memories
pauses for reflection
reflection and forgetting
Oh, man, did I really do that
did I really say that
did I really mean that
I’m afraid I really did
I really did all that
and more

I’m sayin
In my time
my peeps loved my bravado
cheered ‘n clapped
enuf to propel
da wave of resistance
to win da war
in da workplace
‘n da homefront
sacrificin only da captain
exiled into another life
on another continent
It may as well hab been da moon
I wasn’t of use ta them anymore either
This is what it feels like to be used up
for a reason
in a season
but not forev’r

Ya learn ta reinvent y’self
becuz ya gotta
becuz it’s survival
becuz it’s what we do, man
My relations:
It’s who we are, man

Point: About you

You’re learning not to blink
your gaze direct
man to man, person to person
your inward gaze an X-ray
into the interstices
of sinew and blood relations

Boy, I’m just askin
where did that little smile
in da corner of yer mouth
come from
How’d ja learn ta stare
into the camera that way
Was it from talkin to yer ma
Was it from talkin to yer ba

Counterpoint: About me

From my ba
I learned what to do
and how to do it
From my ma
I learned what to resist
and how to avoid it
The yin and the yang
The parent I adored
and the one who survived
The lesson here:
You don’t get to choose

I’m just sayin
Is anybody listenin?

[Check out Edward Hong's podcast for the I Am Korean American blog site at or here:
I am proud to call this young Asian American my friend. I'm sure we'll see more of Eddy as poet, performer and actor.]

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