Thursday, November 4, 2010


Look how the weather
rolls across the states
over mountains, rivers and lakes
over trucks on the interstate
and cars in driveways
rolling over plans
no after school tutoring
no evening book club
no pub group with the new
strawberry beer and brats

Honey, come beneath the covers
Warm me with your breath
and cover me in dreams
for all the long winter
Fill my desire with pumpkin pie
and hot rum toddies
Fill my days with longing
for the short winter nights
My memory of springs, summers
and autumns buried beneath
the frozen tundra
My hands in unceasing motion
with the need to keep warm

The trance of the indoors
before the fireplace, hot cocoa
laced with liqueur, my hair
laced with your scent, like
cinnamon on dry desert skin
like acquiescence to a quest
noble with vows of freedom
for those enslaved by talk
of majesty’s return
to crown our forgotten reveries
entangled hopes and words
skimming the tips
of tongues

Unleashed in the white snow
and brittle ice
a billowing of sirens
on an Olympian outing
spit from the mouth of Jove
Janus holds the key, unsharing
Sirens dancing on one leg
lifting our faces skyward
snowmelt on frozen skin
anamnesis fragmented
chimera clothed in ether

It is futile to try to remember
It is futile to try to forget
It is futile in the grip of winter
But it is promised
Spring, summer and autumn will
come again
and all will be

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