Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Planning Your Life

You can have a plan for your life, but your life also has its own timeline, independent of your druthers. So it is when you are a transplant patient. You get onto the list, if you pass the screenings, and time advances until you rise to the top. Nothing can be done to speed that rise.

Herb and I opted to continue living instead of engaging in waiting as a lifestyle. Friends these last couple of days have said, “We didn’t know Herb needed a kidney.” Our not telling was about shaping our lives. We believe that life is for the living. Herb wanted to be Herb and not “the sick guy.” He wanted me to be Lee and not “the sad wife.” Humans have a tendency to project their fears onto others. Herb and I decided not to take on anyone else’s fears.

Herb continued to work and consult in nuclear engineering, mining the wisdom and knowledge developed over a distinguished career, participating to make a positive difference. I continued to volunteer with the church, influencing reflection and change, touching individuals, encouraging bravery and joy in life’s challenges. The Gifts of God for the People of God. We give, because that is the only meaningful choice in living.

We’re on the other side, so to speak, but the downhill journey is still potentially dangerous. We are grateful for the donor’s choice, and we pray for the donor’s family and the ones who didn’t receive this kidney and their families. 


Ann said...

How did the surgery go? How is Herb feeling today?


The surgery went very well, about 2-1/4 hours in length. The transplanted kidney functioned immediately, producing urine, which is a good sign. The match was 3:6, which is as good as with a sibling donor. We were especially blessed with a live donor, which increases the success of the transplant's longevity. Our prayers are with the donor's family and those who did not receive this kidney. Herb is resting well and says the pain has already subsided. He has a very good attitude of thankfulness and joy. We are buoyed by everyone's prayers and well wishes.

Mindie said...

So happy for you and Herb. My former husband, Andy was on dialysis for years and on the list for a transplant. Sadly, one didn't comavailable before he succumbed to the complications of the illness that took his kidneys in the first place.

But as you say, "we don't plan our life".. sad as being a widow was, new doors opened for me to embrace life in a different way. The paths have led me to my current happy state of being.

So glad you have each other to walk through this life with. Prayers for you both and the donor - and yes, those who did not receive the kidney. All are parts of God's wonderful plan.

hugs, love and light.

Anne said...

Thinking of you both and hoping that recovery will be smooth.

All good wishes,