Friday, December 25, 2009

Walking Prayer

Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace,
God with us,
Hear our prayers.
We are unworthy to speak your name,
unworthy to be your children,
Yet you shelter us in your abiding love
always and in all ways.
Your love lights our darkness,
Your love inspires our hearts,
Your love feeds our souls
always and in all ways.

Almighty Father,
Compassionate Savior,
Redeeming Spirit,
Hear our prayers.
We have been unfaithful,
sorrow filled amidst our worldly woes,
Still you shower us with goodness and mercy
always and in all ways.
We are humbled by your son's sacrifice,
We are overwhelmed by your love,
We are saved by faith in you
always and in all ways.

King of creation,
Redeemer of the world,
Wonderful Counsellor,
Hear our prayers.
Teach us forgiveness,
grant us your peace,
Walk with your children, Lord,
always and in all ways.
Through your word we live,
Through your grace we are saved,
Through your love we win eternal life
always and in all ways.

[Written 1-17-96 as a prayer to be recited while walking in a group.]

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