Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recycling words

I like to experiment with words. These phrases were all contained in an email I wrote three days ago. Just as on my Facebook account where I have from time to time constructed poems out of the phrases found in recent postings on my live feed, I have constructed this poem. The poem, whose ordering of the phrases is different from the original email, still conveys the gist of what my email was about.

continue to pray

meditate on ways

to make things better

allay anxiety

foster relationships

listen harder to the nuances

give for the shy, tender efforts

trying to make it to the surface

growing weary

hearing myself comment

and complain

trolling for affirmations

people like me

thinking out loud

doing things the same way

expecting different outcomes

that space

that might

be done

just be

focus on what

not to say

I will stop

drowning out



and speed

going on so

can be insanity

I will try to

shake things up

give everyone

the experience of feeling

options before us

to be nimble



picking our way through

new choices

new wind sweeping through

refreshing us all


C said...

Interesting idea. It's kind of like Tarot or Rorschach testing-- seeing what you pull out of it and what it says about you.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

What a wonderfully 'organic' way to write poetry. Thanks, Lelanda